Intensive Baby Balm Clinically Tested to be Hypoallergenic

Avishi Organics’ Intensive Baby Balm Now Clinically Proven To Be Hypoallergenic and Non-Irritating

 Dermatologist-tested hypoallergenic & non-irritating formula provides baby with instant comfort and relief from extremely sensitive, severely irritated, dry and troublesome skin  

Bethesda MD October 29th 2014 Avishi Organics, developers of therapeutic, USDA-certified organic skincare for mamas and babies, today announced that its Intensive Baby Balm has been clinically tested under dermatologist review, and found to be hypoallergenic and non-irritating, making it suitable for use on babies and those with sensitive skin.

The balm was subjected to the HRIPT (Human Repeat Insulin Path Test), which was conducted on 50 participants over 6 weeks by an independent laboratory. The test found the baby balm to produce no signs of cutaneous irritation or skin sensitization. 

“There are no FDA standards governing the use of the term hypoallergenic. The term can be used by any company and can mean anything that that particular company wants it to mean. In our case, products labeled hypoallergenic have been rigorously tested by an independent clinical laboratory and found to be non-irritating with an extremely low risk of causing allergic reactions,” said Harmala Francois, CEO of Avishi Organics.

In addition to being hypoallergenic, Avishi Organics Intensive Baby Balm is USDA certified organic by Oregon Tilth. It contains a concentrated blend of botanical ingredients selected for their powerful healing and regenerative properties to provide instant relief to baby’s irritated, sensitive and/or extra-dry skin. Great for soothing stubborn diaper rashes and severely irritated skin, the balm contains: 

·       Neem oil: Highly prized in Ayurveda for treating a number of skin problems, Neem is often referred to as the village pharmacy in India.

·       Coconut Oil: A truly spectacular oil, it is easily absorbed and contains one of the highest concentrations of Lauric acid. It is recommended by many herbalists for soothing inflamed skin and minimizing skin flaking.

·       Castor oil: A natural emollient, with deep penetrating powers, Castor Oil helps makes skin softer and smoother and is renowned for its healing properties.

·       Plantain: Used for centuries as a cure-all for skin afflictions, Plantain is great for soothing itchy skin. It contains Allantoin, a phytochemical that speeds healing.

Other ingredients in the chemical-free formula include Shea butter, St. John’s Wort, Calendula and Lavender.

“Massage your baby with the balm during her/his bedtime routine paying special attention to the diaper region, dry patches and other irritated, inflamed areas. Your baby will love the instant relief that the balm provides, as she drifts off into happy sleep helped by the soothing scent of pure Lavender,” added Harmala Francois.

The Intensive Baby Balm retails for $25.50 and is available for purchase at