Stretch Mark Creams: The best and the worst

Posted by Avishi Organics on 4/17/2018 to Stretch Mark Prevention
Stretch Mark Creams: The best and the worst
Don’t let the miraculous promises fool you – most stretch mark creams available today are nothing but glorified moisturizers that harbor a staggering amount of toxic and unsafe ingredients. Here, we give you a low-down on what works and what doesn’t, and what to look for when considering a stretch mark cream (or lotion or oil) to use during pregnancy and post-partum.

Are natural ingredients always better?

Posted by Avishi Organics on 9/5/2017 to Healthy Skin
Are natural ingredients always better?
As more manufacturers jump on the “natural” bandwagon, skincare and cosmetics aisles are overflowing with products promising ingredients “from nature.” It begs the question – are natural ingredients always a better choice? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

A closer look at Parabens

Posted by on 7/24/2017 to Baby Ninja Truth Report

You’ve likely heard of parabens in one form or another – and you’ve certainly run across them in your day-to-day life. From cosmetics to food to pharmaceuticals, parabens are a common ingredient. But what are they? And more to the point, how bad are they?

5 hidden dangers lurking in your babycare products

Posted by Avishi Organics on 2/15/2017 to Healthy Skin
Don’t let the cheerful bottle fool you – conventional baby lotions, ointments, diaper creams and even wipes can harbor a staggering amount of seriously unsafe and toxic ingredients. Exposing infants and small children to repeated applications of these products can have long-term repercussions, so educating yourself is an important first step in protecting your baby. Here are five ingredients to avoid in baby care products.

Pregnant? Prevent Stretch Marks with these 6 easy yet effective tips.

Posted by Avishi Organics on 2/6/2017 to Stretch Mark Prevention
Although Stretch Marks are medically benign, for many women, they are a source of annoyance. They are caused when skin is overstretched, which is what commonly occurs during pregnancy.  Indeed, between 75 to 90% of women develop stretch marks on their breasts, thighs and abdomen during pregnancy. To make matters worse, stretch marks seem to pop-up almost overnight during the third trimester, just when you think you are home-free with smooth, blemish-free skin. The good news is that if you apply these 6 tips early in your pregnancy, stretch marks can be prevented from developing.

Ingredient Spotlight - The miracle that is Neem

Posted by Avishi Organics on 12/21/2016
Ingredient Spotlight - The miracle that is Neem
Amongst the thousands of herbs used in traditional medicine, one plant stands out in its ability to cure the most stubborn of skin ailments with its powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. This miracle plant is Neem, and the oil extracted from its seeds has the highest concentration of active compounds (vs. the leaf or bark), making it nothing short of phenomenal! 

5 common infant skin conditions and tips to care for them

Posted by Avishi Organics on 12/13/2016
New parents are often surprised to discover that their newborn baby’s skin is far from being flawless.  Why? Even though a baby’s skin performs the same essential functions as those of an adult, there are key differences. For starters, a baby’s epidermis is 3-5 times thinner than an adult’s, more permeable, less able to retain moisture and consequently, more susceptible to irritations.  The good news is that most of these early skin conditions are harmless, and go away with a little bit of gentle care.  Here are some tips to recognize the 5 most common skin conditions and how to care for them.