An effective 4-step pregnancy skincare routine to prevent stretch marks and loss of tone

According to Ayurvedic texts, pregnancy is a really special time, when a woman’s aura is particularly luminous – perhaps an explanation for that pregnancy glow that we hear about!

However, pregnancy is also a time of enormous change – physiologically, hormonally and emotionally, and all these changes can bring a host of skin issues, from dry itchy skin to acne, melasma, stretch marks and loss of tone. The good news is that with the proper care most of these issues can be avoided before they arise. Because once they do, it is much harder to resolve them, so prevention really is the best medicine when it comes to skincare.

Follow this routine to keep your skin supple, elastic and well-moisturized. Supple skin is one that will bounce back quickly after pregnancy without loss of tone.

Start your day with an Ayurvedic self-massage.

Not only is this rejuvenating for the spirits, but spending 5 minutes working a nourishing Ayurvedic oil into your skin will deeply hydrate and also oxygenate soft tissues and muscles, for lasting suppleness that is more than just skin deep. Use long gentle strokes starting from your extremities and working towards the center of your body.

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Choose the right body wash

Follow the massage with a warm, not-too-hot shower with a moisturizing soap/body wash, to further the nourishing effects of the oil massage. Avoid soaps/body washes that use harsh detergents as their cleansing actives. Instead look for a Castile or Soap Nuts soap base. Preferably use a body wash specifically formulated for pregnancy.

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Apply a nourishing lotion on damp skin

With skin warm and towel dried but slightly damp after the shower, apply a body lotion spending up to 5 minutes working it into dry patches, as well as focusing on the breast, belly and hips. Choose a lotion that does not contain any fillers other than water, and certainly none of the nasties (fragrance, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil etc).

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Apply a stretch mark specific serum/cream/oil at least twice a day

Twice a day apply a stretch mark oil or cream to stretch mark prone areas such as the belly, for a strong boost of targetted stretch-mark fighting ingredients

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That’s it! Follow these 4 steps, and you should reach your fourth trimester (Otherwise known as the post-birth phase) free of stretch marks or lose skin. And of course, you can use any products that you like. If you do choose our products, don’t forget to apply code FEB30 for a 30% discount*.

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