Ashwagandha as skincare – The strength of a thousand horses

What is Ashwagandha? 

Native to the Indian sub-continent and renowned in Ayurvedic texts, Ashwaganda is an Adaptoenic herb, which means that it helps the body resist stress, while rejuvenating and sustaining vital energy. And herein lies the beauty of this wonderful plant – Its Adaptogenic properties give it the capacity to both energize and calm, depending on what specifically the body needs at a given time.

Rejuvenation & Recovery

As a rejuvenator, the meaning of its name in Sanskrit -“ smell of a stallion ” – is telling, indicating its renown for imparting the vigor and strength of a stallion. When applied as a topical massage treatment, it has the ability to deeply nourish skin tissues, improve circulation and impart muscular strength.

 On, the other hand, it also helps promote rest and calmness, indicated by the meaning of its botanical name Somnifera, which means sleep inducing. It is this very dual ability of Ashwagandha that makes it particularly well suited for use in skincare products such as massage oils and lotions, to help with:

  • Prenatal and postpartum recovery by easing muscle stress, nourishing tissues, boosting skin tone, promoting wellbeing and vitality, and infusing the mind and body with vital energy.
  • Workout/yoga recovery by supporting comfortable movement, preventing damage from over-use, and resisting stressors.
  • Promoting wellbeing in babies and children, by supporting developing muscle tone, improving circulation, boosting skin health, while calming the nervous system and reducing fussiness.

Skin health

Another popular skincare application of Ashwagandha lies in its antioxidant and cleansing properties

  • Ashwagandha’s ability to help the body fight stress, makes it an excellent anti-aging product
  • Compounds in Ashwagandha known as “Withanolides” help rid skin of impurities, thereby improving overall skin radiance and tone
  • As a powerful antioxidant it helps fight cellular damage, for more plumper, smoother and radiant skin

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