Avishi Organics was born of a simple purpose – To create robust, organic pregnancy and baby skincare products with a strong emphasis on ingredients, purity and results. We are obsessively ingredient focussed, and it shows! Our products contain a blend of some of the finest and most powerful skin healing, regenerating and revitalising plants & herbs from around the world. From Gooseberries, Gotu Kola & Neem from India & China, Sacha Inchi & Jojoba from Central & South America, Baobab & Marula from Senegal and Namibia, Helichrysum and Tamanu from Southern Europe, each formulation is a powerhouse of potency, with absolutely no fillers.

Avishi’s vision is drawn from the experience of its founders, Mala (Above) & Joe (Right) who came from opposite ends of the world and met in the middle. From Haiti and India, America and Europe, West Africa and Australia, collectively they have travelled the world, and drawn from the beauty rituals that have been handed down from mother to daughter over generations. As we continue to grow, we want to highlight some of these lost rituals and traditions and the ingredients that underpin them – Ingredients that work at the root to strengthen and nourish skin. Because strong skin is one that is resistant to damage.