WellnessProfile Baby Bundle

  • Adaptogenic Ayurvedic herbs in both products work synergistically to  help babies relax and brings body towards balance
  • Sesame seed oil, renowned as the 'king of oils', deeply nourishes and hydrates
  • Holy Basil (Tulsi), a natural detoxifier, provides nourishment for lackluster hair and skin.
  • Neem, renowned in Ayurvedic traditions as a heal-all, is a panacea for maintaining optimal skin health
  • Chickweed and Plantain provide soothing relief
  • Lavender and Chamomile help calm and prepare baby for a good night's sleep

Suggested Use

Lather gently with the Deeply Nourishing Baby Wash, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow with a light massage using open palms, and long strokes with the Deeply Nourishing Baby Oil. For external use only.