[Avishi’s Intensive Repair Oil] was a very important factor in my home birth experience. During the really tough contractions I had my doula and my husband alternate rubbing this oil into my lower back. It warmed my back and smelled very relaxing to me - Elisabeth

At 20 weeks pregnant I have managed to not get any stretch marks so far despite the fact that I started this pregnancy off bigger than I was in any other pregnancy and have gained at about the same rate - Christa

When I was contacted by Avishi Organics to try out their oil, I was skeptical to say the least… However, I have noticed a difference! I was in shock...even my husband thinks the stretch marks have disappeared - Brittany

Just wanted to thank you for the bottle of the intensive repair oil. I have been using it religiously twice a day, everyday, and my c-section scar seems to be healing really well - Stephanie

I have been using this oil like a mad woman on my stretch marks the past month, and I already see an improvement! The lavender scent is heavenly and I love the fact that it is totally natural! No chemicals for me - Janet

I am in my third trimester, and the intensive repair oil has really been helping with the crazy itch on my belly and breasts. I am stretch mark free at the moment, hopefully I’ll stay that way! - Vania

I am 8 months pregnant and I love, love, love this as a massage oil. It has a great, relaxing scent and feels really soothing to my tired muscles. Whether it keeps me stretch-mark free post-baby remains to be seen - Natalie