Why are there little white specks in my Baby Balm? 
The white specks in the baby balm are plant butters that change consistency due to variations in temperature. The white specks will still melt on application and be just as effective. Our products are 100% natural with lots of therapeutic herbs, plant-oils, and butters, and so consistency naturally varies across batches. We do not use any worrisome ingredients or chemicals that create false consistency.
Are your products suitable for people/babies with allergies? 
Our baby balm is certified hypo-allergenic by a third-party lab, and our products do not contain any chemicals or toxins. However, we cannot guarantee that our products will be suitable for all allergies. To avoid any negative skin reactions, we suggest that you:
  • Look through the ingredient list before purchasing to ensure the product does not contain any ingredient that you or your baby is allergic to. We believe in complete and honest disclosure of all our ingredients.
  • Conduct a path test on a small portion of skin before first-time usage. 
  • Consult with your healthcare practitioner if you suffer from allergies to gauge suitability 
Can I use the stretch mark oil in the first trimester? 
Massage is typically not recommended during the first trimester due to increased risk of miscarriage. It is best to massage with the stretch mark oil starting from the second trimester onward. 
Are all your products really organic? 
Yes! Our products carry the USDA organic seal and are certified by Oregon Tilth. 
Do you use SLS, parabens, synthetic preservatives, fragrance and/or mineral oil? 
Absolutely not!
If you do not use synthetic preservatives, how do your products stay free from bacteria/mold growth? 
Our balms and oil do not contain any water, and therefore do not require preservatives to stay free from bacteria and mold. Lotions, on the other hand contain an emulsification of water and oil, and therefore require protection from bacteria/mold growth. For our products that contain water, we utilize a 100% organic alcohol-based preservative system that is safe to use. 
Do you ship internationally? 
Yes we do! On the checkout page, there is an option to select international checkout if shipping outside the United States. However, please know that you will be responsible for any duties/taxes/fees that the destination country might levy on the import. You can choose to prepay these duties on the International Checkout page.
I am a retailer and interested in stocking your products. Do you have a wholesale program?
Yes, we offer attractive wholesale pricing, terms and conditions. Please contact us at info@avishiorganics.com with wholesale query in the subject line.
I have a blog with a pregnancy/baby focus, and would like to make some extra money. Do you offer an affiliate program?
 Yes, we operate an affiliate program using the ShareASale platform.  We offer an attractive 20% commission on sales. Sign-up here.
I would like to try your products before I buy them. Can you send me some samples?
Unfortunately, we do not carry samples. However, if you sign up for our newsletter, we offer a one-time discount of 20%.
Please feel free to contact us at info@avishiorganics.com, if you have any questions that are not addressed here.